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Roeh Art

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Roeh Art is the brush name I used on my work for many years to protect my privacy because of my day job. 

You can pronounce Roeh any way you choose, but I use "RO-AY". It comes from a word that means to see, perceive, notice, understand, determine, check, investigate and examine all of which have some part in my work. 


My Name

My name is Hazel and I started painting and drawing as a child, but like many others, I was put off creating art by school art lessons!

I returned to art via watercolours in the mid 1980s. 

Since then, with the help of some great teachers, I've rediscovered the joy of painting and discovered a new medium: oil pastels.

Today, I mostly work in oil pastels.

I believe that art speaks a language that surpasses the written or spoken word. It can connect a town dweller with nature giving an inner oasis of peace, or evoke a fleeting magical moment.

I paint to warm the heart, cheer, encourage, comfort and challenge. My inspiration comes from the beauty of creation and my creator.

I use top quality oil pastels to capture moments in time and the grandeur of even insignificant details of nature.

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Making My Mark

Now, I am a full time artist, I still mark all my work 'Roeh', although you may have to hunt for the mark! 

In addition to my own original art work and prints on this site, look out for the guest artists.

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What's        New

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Find out the stories behind my paintings, how I work and more by reading my blogs.



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